Thank you for a very interesting reading! It’s funny to have someone look at a chart and tell me my personality – and it fits!  I want you to know that you have a very kind, friendly voice. I felt comfortable talking with you. It was a positive experience!  I wish you well. You’re bringing insight and possibilities to the people who ask for readings. It must feel great to work in a positive, and even healing, profession! You add positive energy to others’ lives.  Thank you again. -Sharon

“As you may recall, you did a telephone reading for me…which I found really interesting. A lot of the things you predicted for me have come to pass (it has been an extremely difficult year for me) and I have really been amazed by the accuracy of your reading.  Just to refresh your memory, you had predicted a period of great change and transition for me, with death and Neptune looming large, exhaustion being inevitable, and me taking on new responsibilities with regard to finances, career prospects… -Kristin

You gave me a reading last March which was incredible! I have been meaning to let you know since then. I listen to your cd very often and now that it is almost a year I would like another reading.  It has been amazing to listen to your insights. This year has been the best year yet … learning, growing and somewhat hibernating. -Randa

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