Every Catherine Baskett Astrology reading gives you insight into current and upcoming events. Each professional astrology reading is the result of years of applied astrology experience, education and research. You’ll learn how to use the planetary cycles to your advantage and apply your energy and efforts more effectively. Affirm your direction, avoid (or be forewarned!) of potential obstacles or frustrations – the answers are there to enlighten!

Natal Chart (or Birth Chart)
Think of it as your owner’s manual. If you’ve ever wondered “Why” your life and your immediate family are a certain way, this reading provides a real “Aha!” moment! Your birth chart is unique to you because of the corresponding positions of the sun, moon and planets at the date, time and location of your birth.

The ultimate “reveal” reading, the birth chart is the foundation of all that happens in your life. In your reading, Catherine explains your natal chart and how you can use it to plan your life actions more intentionally and wisely. The birth chart includes information about career path, wealth, love and health, uncovering potential and providing clues on how to minimize challenges.

Annual Chart Update
Ever wish you could get a hint of the future? With an annual astrology update, you can! Examine current cycles and past patterns and you’ll be better prepared for the year’s opportunities and obstacles and uncover issues and events that may arise. This examination of current cycles gives you the opportunity to accentuate the positive and steer clear of the negative. Use it to confirm (or even delay) decisions related to your career, home or love life. Gift giving tip: The Annual Chart reading is a great gift for holidays, birthdays and graduations.

Business Report Chart
Yes, your company has a chart! Catherine conducts an in-depth analysis starting with your company’s “birth date” to reveal strengths and weaknesses of your business. You’ll gain critical information about the role of timing in your company’s growth and transitions.

Relationship Comparison Chart
If you’re craving insight on how to build a better relationship in any aspect of your life – romance, business, or family – start the process with the comparison chart reading. You’ll learn how to strengthen the relationship and soften the challenges it brings. With the comparison reading, you’re able to better understand your partner and create strategies that encourage a stronger, happier partnership. Imagine starting a partnership (or any relationship) with the keys to success. Gift giving tip: The relationship comparison reading makes a great wedding gift!

Parenting Chart
An instruction book for your parent:child relationship! This reading shows the parent:child relationship dynamic across generations. You’ll better understand your child’s needs and give them the tools to thrive, while also enhancing development of their innate talents and skills. Gift giving tip: A very original baby shower gift!

Astrocartography aka the “Where should I be?” Reading
There is an optimum place for you to live, work or find romance. Catherine uses the science of astrocartography to show the position of the planets at your birth projected on the world’s map. There are places that resonate specifically for you and this map is the “X marks the spot” for your treasure trove of possibility! Plan your vacations to align with those power spots for love, money and adventure.

Crossroad Readings
Are you at a turning point? Feeling an itch to change direction, career, partner or home? A Crossroad reading helps you navigate your way through the maze of turning points in your life.

Begin Living a Life of Intention
Astrology sheds light on many of life’s questions. The answers truly are in the heavens! Catherine recommends beginning with a natal chart. Call her in Tucson, Arizona at 520-904-5834 or email her for details and pricing on any of the above professional astrology chart readings.