Onsite Workshops

Enjoy one of my original astrology workshops on location for your small group retreat, wellness center program or special event. To discuss and schedule, contact me by email or at 520-904-5834.

Be the one who gets it all started, have 3 friends join you, and you’ll get a personal reading for free! The All About You Astrology Workshop may also be combined with the New Moon Workshop for a full day of intentional astrology. Talk to me about the best format for your group.

All About You Onsite Astrology Workshop

In this astrology workshop, it really is all about you! We take a deeper look into the blueprint of your life. The All About You Astrology workshop helps you turn the unconscious to conscious.

Why not make a day of it with a few friends? Maybe you or a close friend has a milestone birthday coming up and you want to do something completely different! The All About You Astrology Workshop would be a unique, fun – and useful – way to celebrate!  Also consider it for:

  • Out with the Old, In with the New Celebrations (Retirement, New Relationship, Divorce)
  • Book clubs
  • Retreats

I’ve designed this 4-hour workshop to work best with small groups. For a truly deep understanding of your personal path, it can be expanded to two separate 4-hour phases.

Would you prefer the convenience of a webinar? Register here for my All About You Webinar Series.


New Moon Onsite Astrology Workshop

What could you accomplish with the power that moves oceans?  In my New Moon Workshop you will learn how to create more of what you want and eliminate what you don’t want using the power of the new moon. Understanding where each new moon falls in your birth chart provides clarity about what is available to you. Great for meditation groups and retreats!

In the New Moon Workshop you will learn how to:

  • Identify each New Moon as it travels through your birth chart.
  • Write intentions that link with each New Moon in your birth chart
  • Create a New Moon Circle
  • Create and maintain a Meditation Altar
  • Create a ritual around your New Moon practice
  • Use tools and techniques to enhance your results and deepen your practice

When we link meditation and intention with the new moon, we accomplish several things:

  • Attune with an unconscious force.  The lunar cycle influences human beings, not just oceans.  Aligning ourselves with the lunar cycle allows us to create consciously and have better control over our results.
  • Consciously link our psyche with the lunar cycle, allowing us to access a deeper meditative state.  Be more grounded in intentional practice and amplify results.
  • Alignment of our psyche with the cycles that are part of our natural environment.  We become in-sync with our world.  We time things more appropriately.

Remember – astrology is a scientific tool that promotes greater insight into our lives and those of the people we care about. For a personal reading, contact me.

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