2014_02_26_12.49.51When: March 26th 10:30 am- 4 pm
Where: Tucson, AZ
Workshop Size: Limited to 7 Participants

In this New Moon workshop you will learn;

  • How to identify each New Moon as they travel through your chart.
  • write intentions that link with each New Moon in your birth chart.
  • create a New Moon Circle.
  • create and maintain a Meditation altar.
  • create a ritual around your New Moon practice.
  • tools and techniques that will enhance your results and deepen your practice.

Linking meditation and intention with the new moon accomplishes:

  • Attune with an unconscious force.  The lunar cycle influences human beings, not just oceans.  Aligning ourselves with the lunar cycle allows us to create consciously and have better control over the results.
  • Harnessing the New Moon cycle aligns our psyche with the cycles that are part of our natural environment.  We enhance our intuition and improve timing as we are in-sync with our world.  We are in the flow with our world and living with more harmony.

Consciously linking our psyche with the lunar cycle allows us to access a deeper meditative state.  In this way we can be more grounded in our intentional practice and amplify our results.