• When: July 26, 27, 28
  • Where: Tucson, AZ

Using the alchemy between astrology and gems and crystals, in this new moon workshop you’ll learn about the ancient ayurvedic practice of working with crystals to better resonate with your birth chart and energize your chakra system. Crystal energy amplifies and aligns your intentions. Working with astrologer Catherine Baskett, and crystal energy practitioner Hapi Moshe, you will learn to program crystals for intentions, new moon meditations and rituals, and to build crystal grids.

  • Learn to set intentions
  • Learn about the cycles of nature and when best to nurture certain intentions
  • Learn to use astrogemology as a tool to manifest intentions
  • Learn to communicate with and clear crystals
  • Program intentions into crystals
  • Clear blockages that prevent us from manifesting our intentions
  • Meditate with crystals during a full lunar cycle
  • Create a crystal grid for meditation
  • Learn about your real birthstones and how to use them with your chart

Space is limited to 10 participants. The July 2014 New Moon Workshop will take place in Tucson, Arizona.