About Catherine Baskett

As a professional astrologer and licensed psychotherapist, I conduct astrology readings for clients in-person in Tucson, Arizona, or by phone or via online video-conference, giving me the flexibility to be available to astrology clients worldwide.

As an astrologer at Canyon Ranch for over a decade, I was privileged to work with incredible clients. From A-list celebrities, royalty, cultural icons, entrepreneurs to successful business owners and philanthropists, I’ve had the joy of working with people who seek greater clarity about life-path and timing of life events.

When my clients began asking for advice and practices that could help them use our astrology readings as a tool of intention, I created the New Moon Workshop series. These unique workshops teach you how to use astrology to manifest and create based on your chart. Each workshop is the result of my holistic approach to life, reflecting a life-long study of metaphysics and thirty years as a practitioner of yoga and meditation, thus combining spiritual insights with practical skills.

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

If you’re looking for a unique perspective, engage me as a speaker for your next corporate retreat, self-empowerment symposium, personal growth seminar or private, small group workshop. Most recently, I’ve led sessions at a business strategy retreat, a private women’s group workshop and a yoga retreat. I’ve also been the guest astrologer on the Queen Mary twice. I go where I’m needed – so talk to me about travel!

Even the most well-educated skeptic can learn how to use astrology as a practical tool of intention that can enhance his or her life! I take a unique approach to intuitive astrological analysis, and consider a variety of topics, creating rapport with audience members. Popular topics include:

  • Chart of the United States
  • Benjamin Franklin (an astrologer!)
  • The Economy
  • Relationships
  • Current events

Private Astrology Consultations & Readings

Individual conference or workshop attendee readings may be included upon prior request, or time permitting, may be conducted onsite the day of the speaking engagement. I also provide astrological readings in person, by phone, or via Skype (or your preferred online meeting tool), with each client receiving an audio file of their reading via email.

You can reach me either via email or in Tucson, Arizona at 520-904-5834. To keep up with the latest astrology happenings, please subscribe to my newsletter here.