Birth Chart Reading

On the day you were born, an astrological owner’s manual was, too. The map known as your birth chart describes not only who you are, but also who you can become. Through a professional astrology reading, Catherine will help you decipher your birth chart’s life map, so you can discover:

  • How to find happiness and fulfillment in work and love
  • How you tend to operate in all areas of life
  • Potentials you can develop
  • Territory and experiences you will explore in your lifetime
  • Specific timing for life events like love, money, relocation, career opportunity
  • What to expect and when

Uncover the hidden meanings within your birth chart, the messages and information to help you comprehend life’s possibilities. You can make the choice to “unstick” yourself from the patterns into which you were born or learned in childhood, and fulfill your soul’s potential.

As astrology shows, timing is everything. Our yearly transits reveal specific information about when to take action and what will happen, when. Looking for a true love relationship? A fulfilling career? Catherine helps you uncover the clues in your birth chart so you can achieve these goals and understand what issues to tackle for spiritual development. You’ll see that your most natural life path to growth and evolution is in your birth charts.

Are you struggling right now? Astrology can be especially helpful. Our natural tendency is to avoid pain, believing that it means we have messed up somehow in our lives. However, the birth chart reading helps us understand, without self-judgment:

  • Why the pain or confusion is there
  • How to relieve it
  • When it will be over
  • The light at the end of the tunnel

You already possess many answers to the questions life poses you every day. Imagine how it will feel to understand not only how your soul is in charge, but also how to partner rather than resist it, trusting in the goodness of life.

Schedule Your Birth Chart Reading

Start purposefully traveling the map your astrological birth chart provides. Whether your astrology reading is in person with Catherine in Tucson, Arizona, by phone or online via Skype, at a wellness center or group retreat, you’ll gain clarity and personal insight. Contact Catherine today to schedule your birth chart reading.

Clients receive an electronic audio file of their reading to keep for ongoing reference.