All About You

Do you want freedom from uncertainty?  Have you ever met someone who seems to move through life with purpose? You can be that person. Live with intention! Meet your challenges with clarity and grace. Let my All About You astrology webinar series be your launch pad.

Online Astrology Class

Did you know that where the planets are when you’re born can reveal the unconscious patterns that shape your life?  Join me for a 3-part online astrology class that teaches you how to understand your astrological birth chart.

My All About You Astrology Webinar series teaches you about the blueprint of your life that your birth chart reveals, the map of your psyche. At each class, we’ll peel back the layers of how the planets that appear in your birth chart have and continue to affect you and your relationships.

What you’ll gain from the All About You Astrology Webinar

At the end of the course, you’ll not only know why certain themes exist within your life, but you’ll know how to shift the things you don’t want. You’ll have greater insight into the people around you, too, and how to better relate to them. Learn how to use your astrological birth chart patterns to:

  • Reveal hidden talents
  • Uncover mental gifts
  • Find money
  • Soften and overcome challenges
  • Realize and set personal boundaries
  • Discover rewarding love
  • Understand family relationships

Astrology is science at its most appealing

Each 90-minute online astrology session exposes a deeper significance to the patterns within your personal chart. Have you ever wanted to be able to dig into what makes you, you? The All About You Astrology Webinar series helps you do just that.

Give yourself the gift of self-enlightenment today. Don’t you deserve to be able to make your life work for you?

What do you get in the All About You Webinar?

  1. Your personal astrological birth chart.
  2. A second astrological birth chart. This companion chart can be for a spouse, child, significant other or any other person you would like to gain insight into the themes and challenges in the relationship.
  3. (3) 90 minute live online classes that teach you how to uncover the basic elements of your astrological birth chart, as well as your companion chart.

“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside of you as fate.” – Carl G Jung, student of Astrology; founder, analytical psychology


What is a Webinar?
A webinar is a class presented via the Internet. They are a way for participants throughout the world to see and hear a presentation.
What type of technology is used?
You will need a computer with a camera and Internet connection. You will also need a headset or ear buds with a microphone.
Our live classes are hosted through Zoom, which allows me to share slides, see the class participants, and helps develop our community. If you aren’t able to use your computer, you can access via your phone without video.

Our private community is hosted through Slack where we can share documents, post questions to the group or myself, privately, and access meeting links.

What is the time commitment?
Each class on Saturday is 90 minutes. In addition it’s very helpful to spend 1-2 hours a week on the study questions and interacting with your classmates in our private community.

I will also provide a reading list, which you’re welcome to explore but it’s not mandatory.

What if I can’t make one of the classes?
I understand life happens sometimes and you will be able to access the webinar recording within 24 hrs after the class. I will be available for questions in our private community.

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