The Science of Astrology

Would you like greater clarity, confidence and ability to live more freely? Do you want to direct your life events with better timing and intention?

Explore astrology, a 5,000 year-old science and a venerable scholarly tradition. Astrology uses the movement of the sun, moon and planets to look into the future. Correct interpretation of these patterns helps you make decisions with greater insight. JP Morgan, Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan relied on astrologers.

Astrology is a practical tool. When you consult with Catherine Baskett, professional astrologer, you gain the knowledge to maximize your potential through enhanced self-awareness, personal growth and freedom of choice. Learn how to leverage the strengths of the planetary cycles to your advantage and apply your energy more effectively.

Begin your astrology experience with Catherine Baskett by having an astrology reading of your birth (natal) chart. This is your unique imprint, based on the date and time of your birth. Your birth chart reveals gifts and challenges. This professional astrology reading includes twelve months of predictions. Contact Catherine via email or call her at 520-904-5834 today!